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Exfoliating Kit

Evolue's exfoliating kit includes the revolutionary Resurfacing Grains and elastin-packed Firming Toner. These must-haves for any skincare regimen are perfect when combined as a fabulous gommage, but also highly effective on their own. Exfoliate like you've never exfoliated before! 

Simply mix the two products together, apply as a gommage, and gently slough away dead skin to reveal the fresh radiant skin underneath. Use toner in mornings in place of harsh cleanser to reduce dryness and improve lift. Enter code BESTIES at checkout for a complimentary Firming Toner! 

- Regular use resolves clogged pores, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and slows the effects of time by lifting and tightening the skin. 

- Enhances the effect of products used after exfoliating

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Type: Kits

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