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Essence of Our Ingredients

Formulated with the most luxurious ingredients, sourced from around the world, that mimic what our body naturally produces and loses with age.

It can be used by everyone, all skin types, especially best for women with sensitive skin (either from being born with sensitive skin or became sensitive by using harsh products or procedures) that want to slow signs of aging.

Examples of Special Ingredients

  • ROYAL JELLY- All bees are born the same. For the first 3 days all baby bees eat royal jelly. After 3 days, the Queen Bee is picked, and while rest of the bees eat honey, the Queen Bee continues to eat royal jelly for the rest of her life and grows bigger and lives much longer. It is great for skin as a peel, since most peels are made from gentle acids that burn the dead skin. The problem is that most acids cannot tell the different between dead skin and fresh skin so they can keep burning the new/fresh skin. Royal Jelly knows the difference so it never burns the new skin after it takes off the dead skin. 
  • BONE MARROW OIL - Many celebrities in the US drink bone marrow broth, since bone marrow is where collagen is abundant. Collagen is what gives our skin elasticity and we start losing it around age 26. That is why even if we work out when we’re older, we get firm but still don’t have the same elasticity as we did in our youth. At the Evolue Lab, we slow cook the bone marrow for hours until we extract the essence drop by drop and add to our Day and Night Cream.
  • LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT SODIUM HYALURONATE - Sodium Hyaluronate is in most moisturizers and creams. It is the ingredient that retains the most moisture (used in eye surgeries to keep eyes moisturized since our eyes can never be dry, even if our skin can). However, not all Sodium Hyaluronate are made the same. The lower the molecular weight, the better it absorbs into the skin. We used the lowest weight possible, which is 100 kDa (which is approved for injections) that absorbs and plumps the skin to fight aging, not just to retain moisture. Most companies use molecules 10 to 20 times larger that only retain moisture.
  • FIRST COLD PRESSED JOJOBA OIL - Jojoba oil is the oil that mimics our own body's sebum the most. Like olive oil, first cold pressed is the freshest, most effective way to retain the most nutrients and quality of the product. We only buy early harvest jojoba oil, since the late harvest seeds leave a nutty fragrance after some time. I discovered this through Dominika Paleta, she is one of my test bunnies whom I trust unequivocally with testing my products (tested on actresses, never on animals). I couldn't figure it out until I used various first cold pressed Jojoba oils from multiple regions of the world.
  • SOLUBLE COLLAGEN - It's impossible to find a beauty company that uses soluble collagen (only one that absorbs into the skin) for two reasons. First, it's very expensive compared to powder and hydrolyzed collagen (which does not absorb into the skin). Second, you have to keep it refrigerated. Its shelf life is 2 weeks outside of the refrigerator. It is impractical for a company to make a product that cannot leave the refrigerator. Even Barney’s or Neiman Marcus does not have a refrigerator for their products. I was told it would be wise to change the formula, but decided I did not want to compromise the quality or integrity of my products. Collagen and Elastin (Evolue's Reverse Time Serum contains 40% Soluble Collagen, Elastin, and Low Molecular Weight Sodium Hyaluronate) is best for firming and fighting drooping of the skin. Perfect to use after plastic surgery, or after a chemical peel to help heal skin faster.
  • DEEP WATER SQUALANE - For centuries the Koreans and the Chinese have been using deep water squalane to heal their skin. Evolue's squalane comes from the deepest part of the ocean. The reason this type of squalane is prized is because it absorbs and reacts with our own skin better than plant based squalanes. Evolue takes the by-product (left over) that is thrown away after extracting Omega-3 oils, and makes our Exotic Oil. It has been tested for mercury levels; the ones we source do not contain mercury.
  • SHEEP BRAIN LIPIDS - This is the most painstaking ingredient to make. It goes in our eye creams and we are always sold out. We take sheep heads shephards throw away in Switzerland and import them to our lab. Evolue does not support any meat industry that is tainted and polluted with hormones, chemicals, and cruelty. When frozen sheep heads arrive, our chemist/engineer cracks the frozen head open, picks out the bones, and extracts the sheep’s brain, which is the best lipid (fatty acid) for wrinkles. Our face wrinkles as we age because we lose fat on our face. The best way to combat wrinkles is to find the best replacement that mimics our own lipids. Many of my celebrity clients use it all over their face.
  • ORGANIC MILK POWDER FROM NEW ZEALAND - The best selling product in the Evolue Skincare line are the Resurfacing Grains. I wasn't sure if clients liked it, until Christmas came and everyone bought them as gifts. One bottle lasts a long time. New skin is good skin, and every peel, microdermabrasion, laser, etc. is trying to get rid of the old skin and get to the new, fresh skin. The Resurfacing Grains are the gentlest method of exfoliation that will not accidentally burn or damage your new skin. It is a French recipe hundreds of years old. This is how they used to exfoliate. It only has 3 ingredients: organic whole grain oat flour (don't worry if you are gluten-intolerant, you are not eating it), organic milk powder, and magnesium carbonate. I've used/tried every organic milk powder on earth because the one I use is made in New Zealand and it can only be imported through Japan. It’s annoying and they are always out of stock but the product will not work the same with other milk powders. One client came in and told me she tried to make the Resurfacing Grains herself and it didn't work. I almost died! I told her it's not that simple, as the milk powder is acidic and magnesium carbonate is alkaline, so the products must go though rigorous testing for pH balance before they are bottled.
  • 100% COLLAGEN & ELASTIN - As we age, natural moisturizing factors that our bodies normally produce see a significant reduction.  Between the age of 25-30, our collagen production drops 1% a year! Without these vital nutrients, our skin begins to show signs of age.  Depleted collagen causes skin to lose it's ability to retain water and leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Depleted elastin levels reduces the skin's ability to stretch and hold shape, leading to drooping skin. By popular demand, we have released a special 100% soluble collagen and 100% hydrolyzed elastin treatment for professional spa use. Vital proteins, amino acids, and vitamins penetrate skin effectively and nourish from deep within.

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For Lue, we proudly use ingredients that are domestically sourced from the US:

  • Whole Grain Oat Flour from Bob’s Red Mill
  • Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder from Organic Valley
  • Various Herbs from Starwest Botanicals and Frontier Natural Products Co-Op