Resurfacing Grains

Resurfacing Grains is the most gentle exfoliator that removes top cellular layer of dead skin, which contains imperfections. Impurities are removed effectively without irritating or burning the skin. Leaves you with new flawless skin.

Make a paste with water (for best results mix with Évolué Firming Toner). Apply on your face and let it dry 60 seconds (the paste should still be damp). Slough off gently in upward motions,

Avena Sativa, Organic Hormone Free Whole Milk, Magnesium Carbonate.

Improves complexion, removes fine lines, leaves skin feeling smooth, radiant, and cleansed immediately after use. Safe and effective product which resurfaces outer most layer of skin. Enhances effects of following skincare products.


Collections: Évolué

Type: Skincare

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