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Emma Watson Kit

$128.00 $98.00

3 Must-Haves! Try some of the enchanting Emma Watson's beauty routine to keep your skin smooth, hydrated, and firm. Cleanse and remove makeup with our award-winning Gentle Cleanser Makeup Remover. Say "Meh!" to masks and exfoliate gently with our nourishing Resurfacing Grains to reveal your soft, radiant skin. Lastly, firm, tone, and lift your newfound supple skin with our elastin-enriched Firming Toner.

As featured in Into the Gloss. Click here to read more! 


Step 1 – Cleanse

Gentle Cleanser Makeup Remover (4 oz.) - Apply 1 teaspoon to dry skin and massage gently in light upward and outward circles. Remove with cotton pads or warm washcloth. For more stubborn makeup a second application may be necessary.

Step 2 – Exfoliate

Resurfacing Grains (5 oz.) - Use 2-4 times a week. Mix two parts Resurfacing Grains with one part Firming Toner (or water) to create a paste. Apply paste to face, neck, and decollete. Allow two minutes for skin to absorb nutrients before gently sloughing off damp paste (and dead skin) in gentle upward motions. If paste becomes too dry, wet fingers with toner or water before sloughing. Rinse with warm washcloth.

Step 3 - Tone

Firming Toner (5 oz.) – Apply a splash of toner gently on skin with fingers or cotton pads. Use instead of water when mixing your Resurfacing Grains gommage. 

Pair with Evolue's Day and Night Creams for best effects!


Improves complexion, removes fine lines, leaves skin feeling smooth, radiant, and cleansed immediately after use. Enhances the effects of all skincare in your regimen! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gentle and Unrivaled

I’ve been using this kit for almost 2 years. I have generally dry skin and live in a desert climate, and it soothes my skin. I never get breakouts or itchiness from this product, and have no desire to try anything else!

love it

The products are very gentle and soothing for sensitive skin. In our home we have traditionally used various kinds of flowers including gram flower and such which are gentle exfoliants, and the resurfacing grains remind me of that. Whats nice is that the product have no harsh chemicals or strong smells, rather gentle and soothing/refreshing scents. Really enjoying this routine so far! I do want to know if the cleanser can just be washed off rather than using a tissue or wash cloth to wipe as directed. My skin is sensitive, and I prefer not to use any tissues also for environmental reasons, can get some reusable ones though :).

Sarah Lichman
Emma Watson Kit

Emma knows what she is talking about! These are the best products I have ever used. I just wish the bottles were bigger! I will be purchasing again!!

Courtney L.
Skincare Heaven

After just one use of this and you’ll notice the difference! I suffer from rosacea and it’s fairly difficult to find products that cleanse without drying, strong enough to clean your pores and remove all makeup, yet be nourishing. The kit is more on the expensive side, but it’s definitely worth it. It is the only cleanser that leaves my skin soft and moisturized , and the majority of the redness goes away in one wash! Plus, a little goes a long way, so it lasts a good couple months too!
The nourishing grains are a nice and light exfoliant after a rough day for a skin pick-me-up. You don’t need much water for it to lather, and it does a great job without scraping your face if you have sensitive skin like me.
The toner, guys this smells AMAZING. It doesn’t reek of alcohol and it gives a slight pleasant tingle when applied.
I know the price might scare some people away, and I do wait a little long between reorders myself because of it, but whenever I do purchase it the effects are so IMMEDIATE I’m amazed I last so long without it. It’s like a person doesn’t realize just how thirsty they are before having a drink of water. My skin screams for this skincare line. Definitely take the plunge and get it, even if it’s just the cleanser. You won’t regret it!

Jennifer C.
My new beauty routine

I absolutely love the way this cleanser feels. The resurfacing grains have helped with the redness and dry patches and the toner is my new favorite!!