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Fade - Reduce Scarring


Net contents: 0.25 fl. oz. / 7.5 mL

Treats dark spots and discoloration on skin to diminish the effects of scars, acne, sun damage, and aging.  


Using applicator or cotton swab, apply to targeted areas. Use nightly. For sensitive skin, use every other night.

CAUTION:  For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Keep out of the reach of children.


Distilled Water, Lemon Juice, Kojic Acid, Cranberry Extract powder, Vitamin C, Potassium Sorbate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I have very sensitive skin for everything that contains vitamin C. This product helps really well with red marks after pimples. The only thing I would love to know is more about the ingredients. It says it contains lemon juice. Not sure what that means but I think it’s

Pleasantly surprised!

I’ve had a large grouping of acne scars going down the side of my face since I hit puberty and it’s been an insecurity ever since I first noticed it. Spent years hoping to work with and maintain the cluster so it doesn’t get worse, but never thought to reduce the scarring until I saw this. It’s only been a week and it’s already making a difference! Very excited to have an even face again!

Reduces acne and other scars!

This is by far my favorite buy! I just started using this so I’m not sure of the full effect, but my areas seem less intense after a couple of uses!

Very good

Great product for spot treatment. How ever I have never seen any company say “vitamin C” and not what type of Vit C it is( there’s many different ones) I tried reaching out to the company and ask but never heard back

the most effective scar reducer i've used!

I love how this formula is simple and uses potent ingredients to treat scars. I had bought this product before really researching the ingredients and noticed a significant improvement in my acne scarring, then I did some research on ingredients that help brighten/hyperpigmentation and saw lemon juice/kojic acid/vitamin C. This is an absolute staple in my skincare routine now, and I love this product!