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Super Oil


Net weight: 1 fl. oz/30 ml


Most of the earth's soil is depleted of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for nutrient rich foods. The Super Oil is an all plant-based squalane oil to help supplement essential vitamins for healthy skin.


Apply 2 or 3 drops in AM and PM as needed. Follow with Évolué Day and Night Cream as needed. 


Olive Derived Squalane Oil, Vitamin A, Oil-Soluble Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K.


A creamy light bodied oil unlike any other oil, the Super Oil protects and repairs leaving the skin velvety smooth and radiant.

Best for all skin types, especially for those who do not like heavy or greasy oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Totally Worth It

I received this oil in my Glam Bag Ultimate. It’s consistency, at first, relay threw me off since it’s a oil. After use though I adjusted and have enjoyed the product.

However, my main reason for posting a review is to tout how great it is to mix into a matte foundation. I like matte foundation, but I have dry mature skin, and no matter what I use to prep my skin, matte foundation accentuate my fine lines. So, I tried mixing it in my Laura Mercier foundation, HUGE game changer. I love that it adds enough moisture to the foundation, but it doesn’t change how the foundation applies, nor has it altered the original matte texture. I have now used it in several matte foundations drug store to high end, and I don’t ever want to be without this product. The latest foundation I tried it with has been NARS new soft matte foundation. It performs much better mixing into foundations than other oil I’ve tried. So whether you use it just as an oil in your skincare routine or use it as a mix in with troublesome foundations, you will not regret it.

Love it!

I have fought with rosacea on my cheeks for years. This oil has really helped calm the redness while moisturizing the rest of my face. Love it!!!!

Can't go without it.

Received this in one of my beauty subscriptions a while back. I tried it when I ran out of tmy usual serum and I was hooked, just ordered
my 5th bottle. Very light serum that absorbs immediately. Calms my 50 plus skin and leaves my skin glowing.

Soothing after laser treatment

I use this Super Oil after getting laser treatment (to rid of the sun spots). It helps with the healing and goes on well without feeling greasy. I recommend this product for daily use especially during the dry months.

Super oil

I love this company I recently ordered the super oil and it was bad. I talked to costumer service and they fixed the problem right away!! Sent me new product and it’s perfect I will always use these products!! Thank you so much!