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Skin Solution Set


3 Step Solution to Take Control of Your Skin.

For years, Jean Seo, the visionary behind the skincare brand évolué Beverly Hills, has been Hollywood’s best-kept secret for flawless skin. Jean created the Skin Solution Set to tackle your most challenging complexion issues. Designed for men, women and teenagers, Jean introduces an easy to use three-step solution to help you take control of your skin. 

Step 1

ERASE - cleansing, exfoliating and brightening powder

Rolls off dirt, pollution, makeup, and congestion with spherically milled organic oat flour. Soothes irritations and promotes skin cell renewal as gently as possible.

Step 2

BALANCE - hydrating and calming serum

Helps retain moisture while controlling oil and shine to minimize pores. This gentle and effective oil-free moisturizer can be used on all skin types to counter the effect of environmental aggressors.

Step 3

CLEAR - spot control

Special blend of herbs that absorbs deep into blemish to fight infections under the skin. Reduces the size and duration of blemishes.

How to use

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Holly A
Possibly the end of a plauge...

Having recently become a victim to this plague of hormonal adult acne that will not leave me alone. The spots and pimples becoming these painful cysts that just keep on appearing along my jawline and even my neck, no matter what I do or don't do. These constant spots on my face are starting to take their toll on my self-esteem as well and of course the dermatologist is booked out for months... ahh!
While this heavy weight of anxiety and panic was setting in I had tried several remedies such as: drinking more water, spot treatment serums, pimple patches, some very frequent pillow case changes, even drawing salve at night and they only kept getting worse!
I remember receiving this set as a gift several years ago from my mother and I liked it. I especially remembered the CLEAR Spot treatment and I decided to order some items from Jean Seo.
It has only been about a month yet I am starting to see some light and feel some hope. HOPE that this plauge of agonizing, hormonal cystic acne just might be clearing up. As I see some clearing of the physical blemishes, the emotional pieces of myself can start to heal as well. (That has truly been the largest issue and the fact that I work with the public each and everyday makes matters more difficult).
I have almost used 4 CLEAR Spot treatment bottles and wish they were larger but I just ordered more today. I do have photos and hopefully onesay soon I will be courageous enough to share them. I will definitely update my review soon.

Great kit!

I originally only wanted to try CLEAR and ERASE and bought this kit since it was a good deal. I'm loving all 3 products! The only thing I would improve is the packaging for BALANCE - the top loosens and leaks if I travel with it. Otherwise no complaints!

Jessica Lane
Love this kit

This works well and is very gentle for my rosacea. I especially love how soothing the cleanser is!

Highly Recommend

I had tried this product in the past, (not sure how I got my hands on it) but I really enjoy mask that smells good, and this mask smells great. This product really helps to clarify the skin from blemishes, and hydrates very well. I have also developed acne from wearing a mask. This bundle really works well, I highly recommend it!

Audrey Marie Duque
Holy grail

I’ve been suffering from bad mask acne and I’m not one to struggle with acne.... Every product in this bundle, especially the spot treatment, has been excellent in slowing it down and keeping my face clean. The price is great, portions are great, and the ingredient list makes me feel good. Would recommend 100%.